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Software Helps Gene Editing Tool CRISPR Live Up to Its Hype

New algorithms make CRISPR as easy as point-and-click Biotechnologists are jumping at the chance to use the revolutionary gene-editing tool known as CRISPR. The molecular gadget can be programmed to accurately tweak the DNA of any organism, but scientists need software algorithms to hasten the...
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Jennifer Doudna Answers Questions about CRISPR

JENNIFER DOUDNA SPEAKS AT HER 13 FEBRUARY PLENARY SESSION AT THE 2016 AAAS ANNUAL MEETING. | BOSTON ATLANTIC PHOTOGRAPHY Last year, the genome-editing method CRISPR came to power as a technology poised to change everything from how we fight disease to whether we might finally be...
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British researchers starts to genetically modify human embryos

Scientists investigating miscarriage will not be able to implant embryos or study them for more than two weeks, says HFEA Britain’s first genetically modified human embryos could be created within months, after scientists were granted permission by the fertility regulator to carry out the procedure....
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