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crispr systemPlants, animals and humans have all suffered from faulty DNA since the dawn of time. This “faulty” DNA is the main cause of many different diseases and conditions, such as cancer, premature death and sickness in general. However, specific parts of DNA are very favorable. Good examples of this are vitality, longevity, strength, drought resistance and many more strongholds. Until now, these differences and variations in DNA have been out of people’s control. CRISPR system breakthrough technology is solely responsible for ending this “DNA dilemma.”

This new technology is essentially a form of gene editing that makes it possible to keep and exclude certain traits in plant, animal and human DNA. For those who are wondering what it stands for, CRISPR is an acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat. That acronym CRISPR itself is nothing new. In fact, it describes a process that has always naturally occurred in DNA. It just so happens that the immune system in all living creatures heavily depends on this process, specifically called a CRISPR cas system. Therefore, the break through technology comes with many different benefits.

crispr cas systemBefore this DNA-altering technology really took hold, manipulating DNA was a very long, expensive process. It practically took a scientist’s entire career to just change one simple DNA “code.” However, in 2012, a newly discovered method allowed scientists to change an organism’s DNA in a very timely manner, including human DNA. Not only was this new method quick, but it was very cheap as well. As a matter of fact, this form of gene editing can easily be accessed in just about any lab. One does not need years of training to perform this editing either. In “older times,” scientists could only use the CRISPR system on certain types of organisms, such as mice and fruit flies. Now, it can be done to virtually any organism.

CRISPR Cure for Disease?

Quite recently, Daniel Anderson, a bio-engineer in the state of Massachusetts, tested a CRISPR method on field mice in order to find a way to correct a condition called tyrosinaemia, a metabolic disorder found in humans. He did so by gene editing certain parts of the mouse’s DNA, and surprisingly, it became a success, somewhat. This test alone proved to the science community that the CRISPR system can indeed be used to treat many different diseases.

crisprOn the contrary, only 0.4 percent of the cells were effectively treated by that CRISPR medicine. On top of that, the team had to constantly inject fluids into the mice in order for it to work. This disappointing piece of evidence clearly demonstrates that this so called CRISPR tool has a long way to go before it can be safely used on humans, or animals for that matter.

However, it sheds a light at the end of the tunnel for the CRISPR system as a cure. And with every day there are more and more evidences that the CRISPR treatment may be used safely by many different ways to cure human diseases, just after good studies in the most important areas of human health.

The CRISPR System and Farms

On a positive note, this DNA modification has definitely had its share of success in the farming industry, or plants in particular. Before the discovery of advanced editing techniques, people would randomly place certain genes into different parts of a plant’s DNA. At times, bacteria, fungus and viruses were added in hopes of creating a resistant plant.

In recent times though, advanced editing techniques have created species of both animals and plants that were extra resistant. For instance, disease resistant wheat and rice has been successfully created with this new DNA-altering technology. De-horned cattle, disease-resistant goats and even vitamin enriched oranges are all other successful examples of this new CRISPR system technology. And now using this technology on plants has overall been very successful. With this great results, the new DNA editing CRISPR technology has grabbed the attention of many investors. Read more about examples of CRISPR tool great success.

CRISRP and Big Bucks

crispr gene editingEditas Medicine is one investor who made an astounding investment of 43 million dollars in just one research, aiming to find a way to create disease resistant genes. There are many more investors who make these kind of investments. The same company, Editas Medicine, dropped an even greater investment rather recently, coming out to a whopping $120 million dollars. The company hopes to develop treatments for blood cancer, eye diseases and sickle cell anemia.

These enormous investments clearly demonstrate the level of confidence that many have in this new technology, and rightfully so. Since the story of CRISPR system is only at the beginning point, there have been many successful attempts in the agriculture, animal and even medical industry. It won’t be much longer before this technology is finally perfected.

And of course, the first CRISPR tool investors will get huge profits for their present risks. Not every hodiernal study will be successful, but all smart investors or genome editing developers are investing their money in the entire area of CRISPR science. And the best way to do it is just to buy the Internet domain names associated with the CRISPR tool. And we can help with it, just look through the right bar of our site. Undoubtedly, such CRISPR investments will repeatedly pay off after popularity of CRISPR genome editing will be greater than the Google Search or the Apple store has for now. Read more about CRISPR investment perspectives. And as well, follow news of the remarkable technology on the pages of our site.

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