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Why invest in CRISPR?

The rapid growth of the bioscience industry has presented savvy investors with many opportunities to make a lot of money in recent years, and that should only continue as new technologies with the power to reshape that industry continue to be developed. One of the most exciting and revolutionary new technologies on the horizon with a great investment perspective is the CRISPR system, that promises tremendous breakthroughs in treating and preventing geneticallydriven diseases, such as a nice return for CRISPR investors. In fact, searching out stocks or other assets related to CRISPR to invest in could prove to be one of the smartest decisions you could make with your portfolio right now.

The CRISPR gene editing system has made it both simple and affordable to make changes to the DNA of plants, animals, and even humans, with massive implications for nearly any industry that focuses on living things. Not only could the CRISPR cas9 system make treating genetic disorders much simpler, it could potentially wipe them out entirely. Moreover, it could also have a major impact on the world’s food production, as the CRISPR system could be used to alter the DNA of plants and animals to produce food that is more nutritious and plentiful. And the great news for investors is that investing in CRISPR now means getting in on the ground floor before the potential impact of the CRISPR Cas system is widely known.

It’s only the begining

The CRISPR gene editing system was developed by a group of scientists led by Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier. Doudna and Charpentier’s discovery came about when they realized that the same system the body uses to attack viruses could also be used to edit the DNA of any living thing. When the body detects a virus it attacks that virusDNA with strands of the Cas 9 proteinhence the name for the CRISPR Cas system. Doudna and Charpentier found that they could produce the same material and use it to precisely alter other forms by DNA by snipping off targeted pieces. They also found a way to replace the snipped off pieces with other, less problematic, strands of DNA soon after. Doudna called the CRISPR systemthe beginning of the end of genetic disease.”

crispr systemTo give you a sense of just what a major advance this work represented, the MIT Technology Review named CRISPR not less than thebreakthrough technologyof the year for 2014, and Scientific American named it their bestworldchanging ideafor the same year. The Boston Globe also suggested that Doudna and Charpentier are a near lock for a Nobel Prize. You may read more about CRISPR movement to success on our site.

The accolades are welldeserved, as the technology could ultimately save many lives and provide a much higher quality of living for those dealing with various genetic disorders. We know of about 6,000 or so illnesses fitting that description right now, including hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, down syndrome, and cystic fibrosis. Treating or preventing those illnesses requires getting problematic genes under control, which has been an expensive and enormously challenging process until now.

Who invested the first?

Naturally, CRISPR investing has already proved popular. There was already a ton of money going to companies promising to develop ways to edit DNA, and CRISPR investments should pay off better than most considering that CRISPR is the most promising technology currently available. The technology received a major vote of confidence from a group consisting mainly of Silicon Valley billionaires when they awarded Doudna and Charpentier with a Breakthrough Award of $3 million.

That investment from Silicon Valley certainly helped Doudna to get the ball rolling. Along with a team of the top scientists in the field, Doudna launched a company called Editas to put CRISPR to use. Editas was able to raise money quickly and launched with $43 million in capital. The plan for Editas seems to be focusing on developing medicines for humans and animals, as well as potentially exploring the agricultural applications of CRISPR method. Editas also quickly reached licensing deals with Duke University, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Broad Institute and Harvard University for use of its intellectual property related to CRISPR tool.

 crispr invesmentConsidering Editasleg up on CRISPR technology and its fund raising success it seems safe to say that it is probably the best option for CRISPR investors right now. However, a few other companies spawned from the same team of scientists who developed the technology, and they will also be worth keeping an eye on going forward.

After lending her expertise to Editasin the beginning, Doudna went her own way to start Caribou Biosciences. Doudna partnered with Atlas Venture to help fund the new project. Like Editas, Caribou Biosciences attracted quite a bit of financing, as it brought in $15 million in capital to start with. Doudna’s new company appears to be focusing primarily on developing pharmaceuticals with the CRISPR gene editing system.

Caribou Biosciences and Atlas Venture also partnered to launch another company, Intellia, which Caribou licensed its CRISPR intellectual property for developing therapeutic treatments for humans. Naturally, Intellia will also merit some consideration for those looking for CRISPR investment.

Another company to keep an eye on is CRISPR Therepeutics, which was launched by Charpentier (Doudna’s partner in developing CRISPR) in Switzerland. CRISPR Therapeutic received $25 million in funding to start with from Versant and could become a significant player in the coming battle to see who can most effectively put CRISPR technology to use.

While it is unclear which of these burgeoning companies will ultimately come out on top, each of them will be worth monitoring in the near future. The power of gemone editing is much more of a certainty right now, and it presents an opportunity that CRISPR investors will not want to miss out on.

Any safe and unbeatable ideas?

crispr gene editingBut the most clever developers and investors looks for unbeatable assets to invest in their money. And what may it be, that should win under all circumstances? Such assets are the domain names, related to the CRISPR tool. And one may only imagine, that geneediting will become soon more popular and common everywhere, more than Apple Store or Google search. And indeed, since CRISPR tool is the only One best gene-edigint tool, there will be hundreds or thousands of companies to provide gene editing services in various fields.

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